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Easy-Peesy Toddler Froggy Urinal


Fun and easy potty training for little guys!

This easy-peesy froggy urinal makes potty training extra fun and easy for boys.

Make Potty Training Fun and Easy with the Froggy Urinal!

Leap into Potty Training Fun with the Froggy Urinal

Potty training is a significant milestone for your little boy. Transform this milestone into an exciting experience with the Easy-Peesy Toddler Froggy Urinal! This adorable and functional urinal is designed to simplify potty training and make it more enjoyable for your child.

Key Features of the Froggy Urinal

  • Friendly Design: The froggy urinal is inviting and appealing, encouraging your little one to use it.
  • Deep Stomach Design: The deep bowl catches pee and prevents messes during potty training.
  • Rotating Windmill: The fun rotating windmill helps teach your child how to aim, adding an element of play.
  • Independence Building: Furthermore, encourages self-sufficiency in your child’s potty training journey, thereby fostering greater independence.
  • Strong Suction Cups: Securely mount the urinal onto tiles or glass surfaces with extra-strong suction cups.
  • Water Wheel Entertainment: Additionally, the spinning wheel makes potty time interactive and enjoyable.
  • Adjustable Height: Accommodate your child’s growth with the adjustable height feature.
  • Easy Cleaning: Moreover, the detachable bowl ensures convenient and hygienic cleaning.
  • Travel-Friendly: Perfect for consistent potty training at home or on the go.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Additionally, made from non-toxic, odor-resistant materials.

Making Potty Training Playful and Rewarding

The Easy-Peesy Toddler Froggy Urinal turns potty training into a fun and rewarding experience. The rotating windmill and interactive water wheel entertain while teaching important skills.

Effortless Installation and Maintenance

  • Installation: Easily attach the urinal to smooth surfaces like tiles or glass using strong suction cups.
  • Adjustable Height: Furthermore, adjust the urinal’s height as your child grows.

  • Cleaning: The detachable bowl ensures easy and hygienic cleaning.

Embark on a Playful Potty Training Journey

The Easy-Peesy Toddler Froggy Urinal is more than just a practical tool—it’s a way to make potty training an enjoyable adventure. Let your child leap into potty training with excitement and confidence.

Order Your Froggy Toddler Urinal Today!

Turn the often challenging potty training journey into a delightful experience for your little boy. Order the Easy-Peesy Toddler Froggy Urinal today and make potty training a breeze for you and your child!

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Dimensions 26 × 17 × 11 cm



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