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Donut Silicone Teethers for Babies


Soft silicone teethers relieve itchy and sore gums.

Effective in the refrigerator for soothing your little one’s swollen gums. 😉

Your little one’s teething journey.

As babies begin teething, finding reliable relief becomes essential. Our teething rings are meticulously crafted from soft, BPA-free silicone, ensuring they are safe and offer gentle relief for sore gums. The ring-shaped design is easy for tiny hands to grasp and chew but also encourages sensory exploration, effectively alleviating discomfort.

Key Features:

  • Soft and Safe: Crafted from high-quality silicone. These teethers provide a gentle touch and peace of mind with their BPA-free construction.
  • Easy Grip Design: The ring shape makes it effortless for babies to hold and chew. Stimulate their senses and provide relief.
  • Simple Maintenance: Cleaning is a breeze. Wash with warm water and mild soap to keep the teether hygienic and ready for use.

Why Choose Donut Silicone Teethers?

More than just practical, these teethers add a touch of charm to your baby’s teething experience. They are meticulously designed to provide tactile stimulation and soothing relief, making them invaluable during this developmental phase. Perfect for infants exploring their world through touch and taste. Our Donut Silicone Teethers offer safety, comfort, and convenience.

Cleaning and Safety Assurance

  • Cleaning Instructions: Use warm water and a natural mild soap or detergent for cleaning when necessary, ensuring the teethers remain hygienic and safe for repeated use.
  • Safety Features: Our teethers are tasteless, odorless, BPA-free, nitrosamine-free, latex-free, and phthalates-free, providing peace of mind that they are free from harmful chemicals.

Practical and Versatile

  • Portable Design: Designed for easy portability, these teethers are perfect for use at home or while traveling, ensuring your baby has relief wherever they go.
  • Developmental Benefits: Beyond soothing sore gums, the textured surface and ergonomic design promote sensory development and motor skills.

Addition to Your Baby’s Essentials

Our Donut Silicone Teethers are functional, furthermore, they add a playful touch to your baby’s daily routine. They are a thoughtful gift for new parents and a cherished addition to any baby shower registry. Join countless parents in choosing our Donut Silicone Teethers to enhance your baby’s teething experience with comfort, safety, and style.

*Use our Bib with Dummy Holder for extra fun.

Bib with Dummy Holder

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