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Intelligent Double Electric Breast Pump


Help make breastfeeding a little easier!

This compact and lightweight unit is easy to store or take on outings. Pump directly into the next bottle.

Simplify Your Breastfeeding Journey

Designed with innovation and your comfort in mind, this breast pump is here to provide a seamless and efficient breastfeeding experience like never before.

Embrace Ultimate Comfort

Experience the gentle embrace of a breast pump that mimics the natural suction of your baby, stimulating milk flow while ensuring your comfort. Double the efficiency with dual-phase expression technology and two bottles, maximizing your milk expression and storage capabilities.

Elegance Meets Practicality

Unleash the power of this compact and lightweight breast pump, tailor-made to accompany you on your daily adventures. Embrace a comfortable and relaxed milking position with its unique design and soft massage pad for quiet, gentle, and swift milk flow directly into the included bottles.

Motherhood Redefined

Crafted from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odor-free materials, the Intelligent Double Electric Breast Pump ensures health and well-being with every use. This pump is an essential tool, providing the freedom to balance home, work, and nurturing your precious one for modern dynamic mothers.

Experience the Future of Breastfeeding

An embodiment of innovation, comfort, and convenience.

Unveiling the Intelligent Double Electric Breast Pump

  • Dual Bottle Inclusion: Enjoy the luxury of two bottles for efficient milk expression and storage.
  • High-Temperature Tolerance: Designed to withstand temperatures between 110°C – 120°C for reliable longevity.
  • Silky Soft Teat: Embrace a soft and flexible teat design, ensuring ultimate comfort for your baby.
  • Quality Materials: Made from BPA-free PP and silicone to prioritize your baby’s health and safety without compromise.
  • Effortless Cleaning: Ease your post-pumping routine with easy-to-clean materials that simplify maintenance.
  • Portability and Practicality: Carry your breast pump effortlessly, enhancing convenience during on-the-go moments.
  • Plug and Play: Plug in and experience the wonders of modern technology, making your pumping sessions efficient and hassle-free.

Empower Your Breastfeeding Journey – Order Today!

Elevate your breastfeeding experience with the Intelligent Double Electric Breast Pump. Unleash the power of double expression, comfort, and efficiency, and embrace the joys of motherhood with newfound ease.

Your Journey, Your Comfort – Make Breastfeeding a Pleasure

Step into comfortable and convenient breastfeeding with the Intelligent Double Electric Breast Pump. Prioritize your comfort, your baby’s health, and peace of mind.

Embrace Efficiency and Comfort – Elevate Your Breastfeeding with the Intelligent Double Electric Breast Pump

Join the ranks of empowered mothers who are revolutionizing their breastfeeding experience. Choose the Intelligent Double Electric Breast Pump and make every moment count.

Your baby deserves the best, and so do you. Order now and experience the future of breastfeeding excellence.

*Enhance your breastfeeding convenience further with the innovative Wearable Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump.

Wearable Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump

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